November 15 - 17, 2019

What is love tropics?

Love Tropics is a weekend long charity livestream marathon featuring some of your favorite Mojangstas, Twitch/Mixer streamers, YouTube creators and Minecraft modders. Throughout the weekend, these and other Minecraft personalities will be hosting the event, and you, the donors, will be able to play on a server with them all! There will be donation rewards, giveaways, competitions, and more! Expect lots of fun, laughs, and most important of all, love.

why love tropics?

In 2011, a summer trip to Puerto Rico inspired the creation of Tropicraft, a beautiful Minecraft mod that adds an idyllic, lush tropical paradise for players to explore. Over the past seven years, Tropicraft has continued to draw upon the natural beauty of Puerto Rico and other tropical locales around the world for inspiration. The Puerto Rico that we all picture in our heads is, much like Tropicraft, filled with pina coladas, palm trees, and crystal clear cyan waters. In September 2017, Hurricane Maria, a category 5 hurricane, tore through Puerto Rico, leaving the entire island without electricity or running water. Relief efforts were slow and disorganized, leaving most of the island in a state of confusion and disarray. While much help has arrived since the storm, thousands are still without proper roofs on their homes, or without a home at all. Help us help Puerto Rico rebuild during this year's Love Tropics event!

Who are we supporting?

This year, we have chosen to support Team Rubicon's efforts to help rebuild Puerto Rico after last year's storms. During Cory and Matt's trip to Puerto Rico, they discovered the immense number of houses that had blue tarps instead of roofs. Team Rubicon is veteran-led disaster response organization who has been on the ground in Puerto Rico since last year's hurricanes helping local communities rebuild. To date, they have completed 420 roofs, have 110 in the queue and 40 in progress at this very moment! We are proud to support Team Rubicon for Love Tropics 2018.

While we have elected to support Team Rubicon this year, we are considering our options for next year, and are considering using donated funds to potentially help build hurricane preparedness kits, support education, or...well, lots of things! We are looking for your feedback as to the causes you feel would be best for us to support, so if you have any ideas, drop us a line on Twitter @WeLoveTropics! :)



Youtuber. Twitch Streamer. Mindcrack.


Minecraft Mod Video Creator


Twitch Partner


Minecraft Developer / Youtuber


Minecraft Modder




Building With Terry HYPE!


Minecraft Nurse


Cory Scheviak

Love Tropics Founder / MC Developer


Senior Content Coordinator


Minecraft Developer


The reason we're all here


Minecraft Developer


Minecraft Developer


Minecraft Artist

Adrian Östergård

Minecraft Java Producer


Minecraft Launcher Developer

Daniel Wustenhoff

Minecraft Guru


Minecraft Community Manager

Per Landin

Creative Writer @Mojang

Marc Watson

Minecraft Content Team Lead


Minecraft Developer


fix it fix it fix it!


Content Coordinator


Anna Belluz

Lead Instructor @ MCKids Academy

(aka Momibelle) Owner, lead instructor at MCKids Academy located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Learning through play since 2012.

Matt Coia

Global Minecraft Mentor

Matt began using Minecraft in his science classroom in 2011. Since then he has helped many, many teachers get started with Minecraft. For the past 3 years, Matt has been a Global Minecraft Mentor for Microsoft's Minecraft: Education Edition.

Stephen Elford

Global Minecraft Mentor

Stephen "EduElfie" Elford is a Global Minecraft Mentor, and has been using Minecraft in classrooms around the world since 2011.



Modder Extraordinare


Minecraft Modder


Creator of Destroyer of Worlds


Minecraft Modder, Craftsman


Minecraft Modder, Marketplace Partner

Prize Winners from Love Tropics 2018!

Prize Winners
Puerto Rican Coffee mew2keegan, GeekyPixels, nitsuabub, chromo1418, LostAzrdraco
Small Lego Box Phoenix Nova, slicedlime, Pulluxx, LUKASAUR, koncan5
Medium Lego Box SeriousBismuth, MrCliftron
XL Lego Box Roundaround, medsouz
MrRube HandCrafted Koa Pen EduElfie, Drekryan
MrRube Handcrafted Palm Pen Mommiak&Tschev, r4wk
MrRube Handcrafted Koa Keychain Ashinos, WriteEscape, FrostDragonEmpire, neonerz, __Madman
Minecraft Xbox Controllers MongoTheElder, peterix
Flatbill MC Hat EclipzeNova
Jinx T Shirt Direwolf20, Mead, EclipzeNova, Mr.Rube, minerkity, Tavinnea
Grand Prize Xbox One S pir_anha
Grand Prize Signed Backpack Tschipp
90 Day Realms Pass koncan5, Anon, Freyadono, Phoenix Nova
180 Day Realms Pass Darkhax, tschipp, SeriousBismuth, Ashinos, mew2keegan, OMGChad, EduElfie, Zodsmar, bbpaws, lawrencebugman, Kity_, Rushmead, koncan5, MukiTanuki, koncan5
Large Lego Box Tschipp, Haidy777, Smajor1995, vadis365, FantasiaWanders
Jinx Creeper Beanie Suprafanatic94, AnomalousWaffle
Jinx Skeleton Mug drrk, Freyadono
Jinx Giant Creeper Plushie Momibelle, Allen


Love Tropics was made possible by the following individuals, and so many more...

Cojo, Terry, Corosus, Lune, tterrag, MrRube, medsouz, oku, Momibelle, Prof, Razz, r4wk, Kasia, MrCliftron, Marjory Stewart Baxter, Brickmaster5001, Aroma, AutismWithSkip, Cloudy, Jake from Creeperhost, EduElfie, Mead, StellarMC, Kitten, Rushmead, fuj1n, Freyadono, Moesh, peterix, Scratch, and so, so sooooo many more people <3